Da Lei Geral do Trabalho de Angola
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For several of us the meaning of an effective nutrition is misunderstood and they believe that it is the deprivation of the intake of dreary dried food and all tasty, oily or sugary foods. Of course this is not correct, it's of course part of fun, socializing and practices, since the food is a essential need and it is usually an inseparable part of our daily routine.

The nutrients which may be found in foods are certainly hundreds. Thus, apart from vitamins and fiber that's widely known there are many other substances with antioxidant which are found primarily in fruits, greens, tea, dark wine and other types of foods and beverages. A good nutrition includes besides how and what we eat the specific moment that we eat it. Thus, it is important to realize that the proper distribution of snacks and meals through the day undoubtedly assures mental understanding, real energy and help prevent hunger crises and maintaining a standard weight.

Always have in your mind that the food is just a basic need for success but in addition for joy. For that reason, it's vital to create a healthy and not just a contractual relationship with food so as to be and feel healthy, active, without the health conditions and naturally to feel happy and living. More: click here....

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